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What To Use To Keep Rabbits From Eating Hostas

20 Foolproof Ways To Keep Rabbits From Eating Your Garden Home Garden
20 Foolproof Ways To Keep Rabbits From Eating Your Garden Home Garden from

What to Use to Keep Rabbits from Eating Hostas


Hostas are a popular choice for gardeners due to their lush foliage and ability to thrive in shady areas. However, one common problem that gardeners face is rabbits feasting on their hostas, leaving them damaged or destroyed. If you’re struggling with rabbits eating your hostas, there are several effective methods you can use to deter them. In this article, we will explore some of the best options for keeping rabbits away from your beloved hostas.

1. Natural Repellents

Using natural repellents is a humane and environmentally friendly way to keep rabbits away from your hostas. Some effective natural repellents include:

  • Hot pepper spray: Rabbits dislike the strong smell and taste of hot peppers. Mix a few tablespoons of hot pepper sauce or powder with water and spray it on and around your hostas. Be sure to reapply the spray after rainfall.
  • Garlic and onion spray: Rabbits also dislike the smell of garlic and onions. Crush a few cloves of garlic or onions, mix them with water, and spray the solution on your hostas.
  • Bar soap: Rabbits are deterred by the smell of soap. Place small pieces of strongly scented soap, such as Irish Spring, around your hostas to keep rabbits away.

2. Physical Barriers

Using physical barriers is another effective method to protect your hostas from rabbits. Some options include:

  • Chicken wire or hardware cloth: Create a fence around your hostas using chicken wire or hardware cloth. Ensure that the fence is at least three feet high and bury it at least six inches deep to prevent rabbits from digging under.
  • Cages or cloches: Place individual cages or cloches around each hosta plant to protect them. These can be made from wire mesh or other materials that allow sunlight and water to reach the plants.

3. Companion Planting

Companion planting involves strategically planting certain plants near your hostas to repel rabbits. Some plants that rabbits dislike include:

  • Marigolds: The strong smell of marigolds is known to deter rabbits. Plant marigolds around your hostas to keep rabbits away.
  • Lavender: Rabbits dislike the strong scent of lavender. Plant lavender near your hostas as a natural deterrent.

4. Scare Tactics

Using scare tactics can also be effective in deterring rabbits from your hostas. Some popular scare tactics include:

  • Plastic predators: Place plastic owls, snakes, or other predators near your hostas to scare rabbits away. Move them around occasionally to maintain their effectiveness.
  • Noise deterrents: Rabbits are skittish animals that are easily scared by loud noises. Use wind chimes, aluminum foil strips, or motion-activated devices that emit loud sounds to keep rabbits away from your hostas.


Protecting your hostas from rabbits is essential to maintain their beauty and health. By using natural repellents, physical barriers, companion planting, and scare tactics, you can effectively deter rabbits from feasting on your hostas. Experiment with different methods to find the combination that works best for your garden. Remember to stay persistent and consistently apply the chosen method to ensure long-term success in keeping rabbits away from your beloved hostas.

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